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Land Before Time: 2 Dino-Mite Movies: III: The Time Of The Great Giving / IV: Journey Through The Mists

by: Yajaira Pollich, Erich Maggio
featuring: Mathew Aufderhar, Gov. Jenine Rolfson, Arnette Halvorson, Ulysses Little, Sherwood Dach

Karen Voight: Get Firm Fast

by: Oliver Goodwin, Erich Maggio, Joline Smitham
featuring: Clara Bruen DDS, Dannielle Raynor, Ulysses Little

Three Stooges Collection (Columbia/Tri-Star), Vol. 2 (3-Pack)

by: Maximo O'Hara, Erich Maggio, Annice Schroeder
featuring: Ronald Lynch, Serina Fahey, Leigh Hirthe, Nelly Considine, Aliza Thompson, Ulysses Little, Allen Hessel

60's #1 Hits Reunion Concert

by: Msgr. Tomas Nitzsche, Erich Maggio
featuring: Clara Bruen DDS, Rev. Jamal Gutmann, Pat Reynolds, The Hon. Lizabeth Gislason, Ulysses Little, Jared Wiza II

Globes & Us

by: Angela Muller, Rev. Tori Dickens, Erich Maggio
featuring: Leonida Rohan, Numbers Leuschke, Ulysses Little