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Gen Hackman Triple Feature: The French Connection / Hoosiers / Mississippi Burning

by: Andy Lynch, Chun Stehr, Francisco Sanford
featuring: Kirk Gutmann, Pat Reynolds, Dannielle Raynor, The Hon. Denese Robel, Perry MacGyver

Winning Kicking Techniques: By Chris Casamassa, Vol. 1

by: Ms. Eugene Kuvalis, Francisco Sanford, Elliott Runte
featuring: Despina Rice, Rebbecca Kessler, Hipolito Renner Jr., Miss Shawnta Schimmel, Pat Reynolds, Laverne Will CPA, The Hon. Denese Robel

Drug Education For Teens: Methamphetamine & Other Stimulants

by: Francisco Sanford, Isabella Skiles V, Carl Walter
featuring: Rebbecca Kessler, Pat Reynolds, Deirdre Orn, Marcelina Reichel, Perry MacGyver, Mauro Wintheiser