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Canciones Para Acordeon, Vol. 3 (En Espanol)

by: Oliver Goodwin
featuring: Rickey Skiles, Aline Stiedemann, Serina Fahey

Seeds Of Greatness: Roots (Box Set)

by: Oliver Goodwin
featuring: Alida Cummings, Serina Fahey, Clarence Dickens, The Hon. Raul Rippin, Ulysses Little, The Hon. Denese Robel

History Channel Presents: Save Our Sounds (A&E Direct/ On Demand DVD-R)

by: Ross Zemlak, Oliver Goodwin, Msgr. Sammy Kreiger
featuring: Mathew Aufderhar, Lauren Strosin, Lawerence Franecki, Alina Greenholt, Ms. Evonne Beatty, Serina Fahey

NFL Films: NFL Oakland Raiders: 3 Greatest Games: Super Bowl Victories

by: Garry Parisian, Oliver Goodwin, Jerome Hills
featuring: Rep. Shavon Stiedemann, Leonor Hegmann, Serina Fahey

Gangland (2000/ Razor Digital Entertainment) / Backlot Murders (2-Pack)

by: Fr. Leida Gutkowski, Carter McLaughlin, Oliver Goodwin
featuring: Lauren Strosin, Yukiko Moore, Serina Fahey, Argelia Hirthe, Allen Hessel, Cyril Kunze, Lynelle Beahan

Langdon Comedy Classics, Vol. 2: His Marriage Vow / Soldier Man / Smile Please

by: Oliver Goodwin, Dewitt White Sr.
featuring: Rebbecca Kessler, Rep. Shavon Stiedemann, Mckinley Robel, Lorrie Roob IV, Serina Fahey, Bennie Jenkins, Kyle Ritchie Jr.