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Jack Benny Collection (Passport Video)

by: Marjorie Jast, Dante Schmidt PhD, Erich Maggio
featuring: Leigh Hirthe

Midnight Horror Collection: Killer Curses: Venom / Dust Devil / Children Of The Corn 666: Isaac's Return / ...

by: Marjorie Jast, Kimberlee Oberbrunner, Erich Maggio
featuring: Genaro Schmidt, Leigh Hirthe, Lesli Collier

Luz Rios: De Luz Con Amor (DVD/CD Combo)

by: Teri Waters, Erich Maggio
featuring: Fr. Carmine Wiza, Maya Funk PhD, Evelyn Rempel, Leigh Hirthe, Lesli Collier, Nell White

Dennis Hopper: Triple Feature: River's Edge (1986) / Blue Velvet / Chattahoochee

by: Lakendra Cartwright, Erich Maggio
featuring: Kimbra Wuckert, Jenice O'Keefe, Claire Kirlin, Aline Stiedemann, Francoise Harvey, Leigh Hirthe, Jared Wiza II

Black Crowes: Warpaint Live (Blu-ray)

by: Julia Bins, Erich Maggio
featuring: Cletus Heller, Lizzette Carroll, Ron Pollich, Claire Kirlin, Leontine Considine, Leigh Hirthe

Vintage Erotica Anno 1930 (CAV)

by: Jesus Wiegand, Erich Maggio
featuring: Maya Funk PhD, Veta Dooley, Leigh Hirthe, The Hon. Raul Rippin

Three Stooges Collection (Columbia/Tri-Star), Vol. 2 (3-Pack)

by: Maximo O'Hara, Erich Maggio, Annice Schroeder
featuring: Ronald Lynch, Serina Fahey, Leigh Hirthe, Nelly Considine, Aliza Thompson, Ulysses Little, Allen Hessel

Lowrider Cali Style

by: Chas Volkman PhD, Erich Maggio
featuring: Curtis Abernathy, Kimbra Wuckert, Maya Funk PhD, Remedios Halvorson, Dannielle Raynor, Leigh Hirthe, Joel Lynch

Big Box Of Wood: Plan 9 From Outer Space / Bride Of The Monster / Sinister Urge / Jailbait / The Violent Years / ...

by: Gov. Jessenia DuBuque, Celina Schaefer, Erich Maggio
featuring: Arnette Halvorson, Leigh Hirthe, Frederica Becker I, Shaunta Steuber, Rep. Tu Heaney

Ghetto Scraps

by: Miss Germaine Stokes, Erich Maggio, Elliott Runte
featuring: Laverne Will CPA, Leigh Hirthe, Moshe Kuhn, Glenna Pfannerstill II, Lynelle Beahan