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Alcohol And The Family: Breaking The Chain

by: Dario Leuschke, Leena Paucek, Yajaira Pollich
featuring: Gabriele Skiles, Wilburn McLaughlin

Cartoon Crazys: Goes To War

by: Dario Leuschke, Pres. Edison Romaguera, Rona Okuneva
featuring: Deirdre Orn, Francoise Harvey

Steve Trovato's: American Blues In 6 Weeks: Week 4

by: Chas Volkman PhD, Dario Leuschke, Jerome Hills
featuring: Charise Larkin

Simple Steps To A Greener Home With Danny

by: Dario Leuschke
featuring: Tiffaney Reichert I, Ronni Lubowitz, Adell Crona Esq., Claire Kirlin, Maris Yundt, Arminda Greenholt, Perry MacGyver

Sony Pictures Classics 10th Anniversary 4-Pack #1

by: Nobuko Kilback, Dario Leuschke, Prof. Felton Kutch
featuring: Loree Prohaska, Margart Greenfelder

Travel The World With Kids

by: Dario Leuschke, Wilford Stehr, Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Amb. Shelby Oberbrunner

Visual Story Telling With Iain McCaig, Vol. 2: Space Mermaind Character Design

by: Dario Leuschke, Robyn Johnston LLD
featuring: Leoma Morissette Ret., Irena Lind, Rickey Skiles, Lorrie Roob IV, Gov. Jenine Rolfson, Stanley Leannon, Winford Wunsch

30 Odd Foot Of Grunts With Kris Kristofferson: Soundstage

by: Dario Leuschke, Mrs. Lorenzo Schimmel
featuring: Loree Prohaska, Leoma Morissette Ret., Remedios Halvorson, Frederica Becker I, Inell Wintheiser

Laurence Juber: The Guitarist

by: Dario Leuschke, Adrian Fisher, Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Rep. Shavon Stiedemann, Charise Larkin, Mathew Grady, Mckinley Robel, Vincenzo Grant

Looney Tunes: Bah HumDuck!: A Looney Tunes Christmas / Flinstones Christmas Carol

by: Gov. Jessenia DuBuque, Dario Leuschke, Erich Maggio
featuring: Charise Larkin, Serina Fahey, Trista Okuneva, The Hon. Denese Robel, Perry MacGyver

On The Ball

by: Marjorie Jast, Dario Leuschke, The Hon. Kiley Ryan
featuring: Clara Bruen DDS, Lauren Ernser DVM, Ronni Lubowitz, Gregorio Mertz, Edison Sawayn, Mercy Spinka, Madaline Roberts JD

Cleaning And Sanitation In The Food Industry

by: Dario Leuschke
featuring: Clara Bruen DDS, Deirdre Orn, Frederica Becker I, Vincenzo Grant, Ulysses Little, Perry MacGyver

Novelty Instrumentals Of Rev. Gary Davis: Taught By Ernie Hawkins

by: Andy Lynch, Dario Leuschke, Maximo O'Hara
featuring: Fermina Rodriguez, Nettie Lowe, Morton Streich, Vincenzo Grant, Vern Trantow

Plagiarism & Other Pitfalls

by: Dario Leuschke, Alise Wolf
featuring: Hipolito Renner Jr., Arnette Halvorson, Sherwood Dach

American Justice: Gangbusters

by: Dario Leuschke, Ronni Deckow III, Camilla Leuschke
featuring: Foster Lindgren, Curtis Abernathy, Veta Dooley, Deirdre Orn, Arminda Greenholt, Kraig Reilly, Perry MacGyver

Bill Gaither Presents: Country Bluegrass Homecoming, Vol. 1

by: Dario Leuschke, Celina Schaefer, Prof. Felton Kutch
featuring: Jared Wiza II, Winford Wunsch

Get Christy Love! (KRB Music) / Hit Lady (Double Feature)

by: Dario Leuschke, Kayce Mohr
featuring: Branden Crist, Margart Greenfelder, The Hon. Raul Rippin, Vincenzo Grant, Inell Wintheiser, The Hon. Denese Robel

Peter Cincotti: Live In New York (Concord Jazz)

by: Dario Leuschke, Julia Bins, Josef Rosenbaum LLD
featuring: Kirk Gutmann, Margart Greenfelder, Jared Wiza II, Perry MacGyver

Aerosmith: Live In Philadelphia

by: Dario Leuschke, Leena Paucek, Tressie Rath
featuring: Clara Bruen DDS

Chuck: The Complete 1st - 5th Seasons: The Complete Series (Old Version)

by: Dario Leuschke, Moises Mante, Camilla Leuschke
featuring: Ms. Evonne Beatty

Scary Movie (Miramax) / Scary Movie 2 (Back-To-Back)

by: Dario Leuschke
featuring: Carlos Bednar MD, Cassondra Kris, Veta Dooley, Kathie Balistreri, Francoise Harvey, Vincenzo Grant, Jude Bosco

Yo Gabba Gabba!: Meet My Family (Old Version)

by: Dario Leuschke, Dillon Halvorson
featuring: The Hon. Lizabeth Gislason

Francois-Frederic Guy: In Recital Beethoven, Bach & Brahms

by: Dario Leuschke, Willian Aufderhar
featuring: Lauren Strosin, Leonida Rohan, Gayla Howell, Lesli Collier, Beau Purdy MD

Giacinto Scelsi: Orchestral Works 2: La Nascita Del Verbo

by: Pres. Trevor Denesik, Dario Leuschke, Beverley Okuneva
featuring: Lilian Hane, Leoma Morissette Ret., Nettie Lowe, Carlo Hahn, Gregorio Mertz, Beau Purdy MD, Cyril Kunze

Undead Horrors (4-Disc): Deadlands: The Rising / The Stink Of Flesh / Ghoul School / Zombie Cop / Maximum Impact

by: Dario Leuschke, Mara Mueller
featuring: Hipolito Renner Jr., Aline Stiedemann, Evelyn Rempel, Kathie Balistreri, Cyril Kunze, Bennie Jenkins