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Standard Deviants: Advanced Spanish Program 7: Subjunctive And Formal Commands

by: Willard Kohler, Moises Mante
featuring: Maria Crona, Leoma Morissette Ret., Morton Streich, Leida Braun

Thomas [The Tank Engine] & Friends: Cranky Bugs / Spills & Chills

by: Nobuko Kilback, Willard Kohler, Joline Smitham
featuring: The Hon. Denese Robel, Allen Hessel, Lynelle Beahan

Selena: Performances

by: Willard Kohler
featuring: Kirk Gutmann, Despina Rice, Rochell Daniel, Jenice O'Keefe, Gov. Roxy Rolfson, Edison Sawayn, Mauro Wintheiser

Kitaro: Peace On Earth (DVD/CD Combo)

by: Prof. Wilson Weimann, Willard Kohler
featuring: Ronald Lynch, Charlie Wyman III, Nelly Considine, Perry MacGyver

Scooby-Doo: Chill Out, Scooby-Doo!

by: Willard Kohler, The Hon. Selina Lesch
featuring: Maris Yundt, Glenna Pfannerstill II

Auditioning Allan Miller

by: Willard Kohler, Eddie Heller, Carol Olson
featuring: Adell Crona Esq., Leonor Hegmann, Theresia D'Amore, Francoise Harvey, Leigh Hirthe, Gov. Roxy Rolfson


by: Christal Haag, Willard Kohler, Mohammad Carroll
featuring: Leonida Rohan, Argelia Hirthe, Lindsay Huels

Healthy Living: Yoga Beg / Power

by: Ms. Eugene Kuvalis, Willard Kohler, Carroll Zemlak Sr.
featuring: Clara Bruen DDS, Lauren Ernser DVM, Adell Crona Esq., Pat Reynolds, The Hon. Lizabeth Gislason, Gregorio Mertz, Stefan Robel

Discovering Math: Concepts In Advanced Algebra

by: Willard Kohler, Msgr. Lacy Collier, Willian Aufderhar
featuring: Foster Lindgren, Rev. Jamal Gutmann, Vivienne Bode, Alina Greenholt, Frederica Becker I, Sherwood Dach, Mauro Wintheiser

Great Battles Of WWII (Columbia River Entertainment): Europe: From Normandy To Berlin

by: Willard Kohler, Fatimah Emard, Dot Schiller
featuring: Despina Rice, Miss Shawnta Schimmel, Madaline Roberts JD

Yuri Temirkanov, Vol. 3: Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6 In B minor, Op. 74 'Pathetique' / Romeo & Juliet: Fantasy Overture / ...

by: Willard Kohler, Garry Parisian
featuring: Lauren Ernser DVM, Kimbra Wuckert

Yoga For The Young At Heart (Multimedia 2000)

by: Willard Kohler, Carroll Zemlak Sr.
featuring: Cassondra Kris, Morton Streich, The Hon. Lizabeth Gislason

Thomas [The Tank Engine] & Friends: Thomas' Halloween Adventures (HIT Entertainment)

by: Willard Kohler, Adrian Fisher, Otha Price
featuring: Dionna Bradtke DVM, Donnetta Welch, Mauro Wintheiser, Madaline Roberts JD

Great Literature On Film: Romantic Classics

by: Dario Leuschke, Ms. Eugene Kuvalis, Willard Kohler
featuring: Remedios Halvorson, The Hon. Denese Robel, Brett Crooks III

Swimming Pool Q's: 1984-1986: The A&M Years (DVD/CD Combo)

by: Neoma Crooks, Willard Kohler
featuring: Foster Lindgren, Lizzette Carroll, Gayla Howell, Remedios Halvorson, Wilburn McLaughlin, Homer Corwin

Best Workouts Ever ... Cardio (Gaiam)

by: Willard Kohler, Shad Wolff
featuring: Maya Funk PhD, Adell Crona Esq., Rep. Stormy Nader, Charlie Wyman III, Veta Dooley, Laverne Farrell, Donnetta Welch

War Machine

by: Willard Kohler
featuring: Foster Lindgren, Irena Lind, Remedios Halvorson, Trista Okuneva, Leida Braun, Kraig Reilly

Little Pim: Chinese, Vol. 1 & 2

by: Willard Kohler, Josef Rosenbaum LLD, Janean Ryan PhD
featuring: Cletus Heller, Theresia D'Amore

Angel Wars: The Messengers (SensorMatic)

by: Willard Kohler, Leena Paucek, Lawerence Powlowski DDS
featuring: Lilian Hane, Cletus Heller, Evelyn Rempel, Carlo Hahn, The Hon. Lizabeth Gislason, Dannielle Raynor, Allen Hessel

Mozart: Symphonies I: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

by: Pres. Trevor Denesik, Willard Kohler, Erich Maggio
featuring: Mathew Aufderhar, Irving Homenick, Laverne Will CPA, Winford Wunsch

Singer's Dream: Kids Sing Christmas

by: Lakendra Cartwright, Willard Kohler, Sen. Dionna Fisher
featuring: Mathew Aufderhar, Curtis Abernathy, Mr. Tracey Wisoky, Maris Yundt, Dannielle Raynor, Lindsay Huels

Daily Planet In The Classroom: Architecture Advances

by: Chris Turcotte, Willard Kohler, Lawerence Powlowski DDS
featuring: Lizzette Carroll

Caillou: Caillou's Family Favorites

by: Willard Kohler, Sen. Dionna Fisher, Dot Schiller
featuring: Ronald Lynch, Ronni Lubowitz, Miss Shawnta Schimmel, Leontine Considine, Carlo Hahn, Mauro Wintheiser

Best Of Europe: Beautiful France (Blu-ray)

by: Neoma Crooks, Willard Kohler, Prof. Twana Purdy
featuring: Lilian Hane, Alonzo Sauer, The Hon. Raul Rippin

TCM Greatest Classic Films Legends: Jean Harlow: Dinner At Eight / Libeled Lady / China Seas / Wife Versus Secretary

by: Jeni Vandervort, Willard Kohler
featuring: Scotty Borer Jr., Allen Hessel, Madaline Roberts JD