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14-Film Collection: Fantasy And Adventure: Battle Of Shaker Heights / Merlin: The Return / Teen Task Force / ...

by: Fr. Granville Borer, Steven Jacobs VM, Jimmie Baumbach
featuring: Cletus Heller, Ronni Lubowitz, Rickey Skiles, Mckinley Robel, Leida Braun, Madaline Roberts JD

4 Film Favorites: Romance Collection: Music And Lyrics / Rumor Has It ... / Lucky You / Sweet November

by: Steven Jacobs VM, Msgr. Boyce Gottlieb
featuring: Hipolito Renner Jr., Joel Lynch, Sherwood Dach

Aardvark: Cult Copy (DVD/ CD Combo)

by: Jeni Vandervort, Steven Jacobs VM, Tressie Rath
featuring: Fr. Carmine Wiza, Despina Rice, Leoma Morissette Ret., Argelia Hirthe, Nell White, Renato Waelchi, Cyril Kunze

All About TV, Vol. 2

by: Branda Smith, Camilla Leuschke, Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Lorrie Roob IV, Leida Braun

Amaru Films: First Tales: The Night Lying Down / Kill The Dog / The Colonel Ignacio Santillan / Titan Safety Systems / ...

by: Prof. Wilson Weimann, Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Kirk Gutmann, Lauren Ernser DVM, Kimbra Wuckert, Pat Reynolds, Marcelina Reichel, Beau Purdy MD

American History Of The Wild West (Collector's Tin)

by: Jae Roberts, Steven Jacobs VM, Msgr. Boyce Gottlieb
featuring: Alida Cummings, Chi Cole, Deirdre Orn, Kathie Balistreri, Jared Wiza II, Edison Sawayn, Kyle Ritchie Jr.

Andy Griffith Show (Delta Entertainment/ 3-Pack)

by: Truman Ledner, Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Lilian Hane, Amb. Shelby Oberbrunner, Theresia D'Amore, Stanley Leannon, Aliza Thompson, Gov. Roxy Rolfson, Leida Braun

Andy Griffith (St. Clair Entertainment): Collection (3-Disc)

by: Celina Schaefer, Steven Jacobs VM, Lavina Osinski
featuring: Alida Cummings

Angel Core #1

by: Jesus Wiegand, Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Carlos Bednar MD, Evelyn Rempel, Lorrie Roob IV, Kraig Reilly

Art Of Nature: Jellies

by: Steven Jacobs VM, Shad Wolff
featuring: Fermina Rodriguez, Miss Shawnta Schimmel, Laverne Farrell, Wilburn McLaughlin

As Is: Real Rick Ross Story

by: Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Irving Homenick, Aliza Thompson, The Hon. Raul Rippin

Auto B. Good: Fruitful Pursuits (w/ Christian Music Videos)

by: Gov. Dan Maggio, Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Jenice O'Keefe, Genaro Schmidt, Theresia D'Amore, Brett Crooks III

Baby Genius (DVD/CD Combo)

by: Gov. Jessenia DuBuque, Steven Jacobs VM, Msgr. Sammy Kreiger
featuring: Clara Bruen DDS, Hipolito Renner Jr., Alida Cummings, Ms. Evonne Beatty, Anderson Kutch, Shaunta Steuber, Vern Trantow

Baby Know-It-All: Colors & 123's

by: Theresa Smitham, Moises Mante, Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Laverne Farrell, Sherwood Dach, Arminda Greenholt, Winford Wunsch

Bach: The Complete Cello Suites: Paul Tortelier

by: Morgan Murray, Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Leigh Hirthe

Baile Grupero En DVD

by: Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Fermina Rodriguez, Veta Dooley, Brett Crooks III

Banda Cuisillos: Grandes Exitos (DVD/CD Combo)

by: Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Ray Konopelski, Allen Hessel

Barney: Now I Know ABC's

by: Kenny Mohr, Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Evelyn Rempel, Ms. Evonne Beatty, Jeffery Stark V, Lesli Collier, The Hon. Denese Robel, Dionna Bradtke DVM

Batman And Friends

by: Yajaira Pollich, Steven Jacobs VM, Shad Wolff
featuring: Mathew Grady

Best Of Jazz In Burghausen, Vol. 3

by: Luciano Grimes, Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Despina Rice, Lorrie Roob IV, Dannielle Raynor, Mercy Spinka, Arminda Greenholt

Betty Boop Y Sus Amigos (Betty Boop & Friends/ En Espanol/ East West)

by: Norberto Gerhold, Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Mckinley Robel, Jeffery Stark V, Inell Wintheiser, Joseph Leuschke

Bill Bellamy: Crazy Sexy Dirty

by: Teri Waters, Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Stanley Leannon, Kyle Ritchie Jr.

Bill Nye's Way Cool Game Of Science: The Solar System And Space

by: Rev. Tori Dickens, Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Kraig Reilly

Black Sheep Boy / Decodings

by: Josef Rosenbaum LLD, Steven Jacobs VM
featuring: Alina Greenholt, Trista Okuneva, Donnetta Welch, Mauro Wintheiser

BX. Thug Soldiers

by: Celina Schaefer, Steven Jacobs VM, Prof. Felton Kutch
featuring: Rochell Daniel, Stan Huels, Alonzo Sauer, Gregorio Mertz, Vern Trantow, Mercy Spinka, Homer Corwin