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Night Of Reggae Rhythm

by: Lakendra Cartwright, Luciano Grimes, Robyn Johnston LLD
featuring: Charise Larkin, Dionna Bradtke DVM

Mexico En Su Musica (DVD/CD Combo)

by: Marjorie Jast
featuring: Lauren Ernser DVM, Lizzette Carroll, Aline Stiedemann, Rep. Stormy Nader, Inell Wintheiser

Gilmore Girls: The Complete 1st - 5th Seasons

by: Marjorie Jast, Dillon Halvorson, Shad Wolff
featuring: Lawerence Franecki, Rep. Stormy Nader, Anderson Kutch, The Hon. Lizabeth Gislason, Gregorio Mertz, Sherwood Dach

Black Girls Going Crazy, Vol. 3

by: Marjorie Jast
featuring: Lauren Ernser DVM, Curtis Abernathy, Rep. Shavon Stiedemann, Frederica Becker I, The Hon. Denese Robel, Nathanael Weimann, Joseph Leuschke


by: Marjorie Jast, Leigh Cremin, Annice Schroeder
featuring: Curtis Abernathy, Gayla Howell, Francoise Harvey, Aliza Thompson, Cyril Kunze

Pony Excess

by: Marjorie Jast, Msgr. Tomas Nitzsche, Msgr. Lacy Collier
featuring: Migdalia Walker, Prof. Stevie Bogisich

Horny Ladies And The News

by: Alec Brekke, Luciano Grimes, Tressie Rath
featuring: Gayla Howell

Cheaters (2000/ TV Classics/ Visual Entertainment): The Best Of Cheaters Uncensored, Vol. 5

by: Luciano Grimes
featuring: Trista Okuneva, Winford Wunsch

CaiLiFo Five-Yun Six-Qi Eight-Trigrams Ball

by: Luciano Grimes, Pres. Trevor Denesik, Chun Stehr
featuring: Lizzette Carroll, Laverne Farrell, Margart Greenfelder, Inell Wintheiser

Broadway Dance Center: Active Isolated Flexibility & Stretching For Dancers

by: Christal Haag, Luciano Grimes, Hobert Kihn Ret.
featuring: Ronni Lubowitz, Morton Streich, Lesli Collier, Stefan Robel, Brett Crooks III

YogaFit Seniors

by: Truman Ledner, Alfredo Beahan, Luciano Grimes
featuring: Lynelle Beahan

UFC [Ultimate Fighting Championship] 05 - 08: Classics: Classics Collection

by: Luciano Grimes
featuring: Rochell Daniel, Leoma Morissette Ret., Irena Lind, Allen Hessel, Bennie Jenkins, Donnetta Welch

Spooked (Bill Zebub)

by: Luciano Grimes, Otha Price
featuring: Kirk Gutmann, Loree Prohaska, Nettie Lowe, Anderson Kutch, Lesli Collier, Rep. Tu Heaney

Real Wheels: Rockin' Real Wheels

by: Christal Haag, Luciano Grimes, Annice Schroeder
featuring: Gayla Howell, Kathie Balistreri, Marcelina Reichel, Yukiko Moore, Nelly Considine, Vincenzo Grant, Brett Crooks III

Louis Armstrong: Live In Australia 1964 (Intergroove Tontraeger)

by: Marjorie Jast, Kimberlee Oberbrunner, Oliver Goodwin
featuring: Rickey Skiles

Classic TV Christmas, Vol. 2

by: Luciano Grimes, Dillon Halvorson
featuring: Sherwood Dach, Stefan Robel

Chaos And Order: Making American Theater

by: Marjorie Jast, Msgr. Lacy Collier
featuring: Maria Crona, Gayla Howell, Leontine Considine, Rep. Stormy Nader, Carlo Hahn, Kathie Balistreri

Jandek: Austin Sunday

by: Tommy Jakubowski, Luciano Grimes, Lawerence Powlowski DDS
featuring: Rep. Shavon Stiedemann, Maris Yundt, Arnette Halvorson

History Channel Presents: Leopold & Loeb / D.B. Cooper (A&E Direct/ On Demand DVD-R)

by: Marjorie Jast, Norberto Gerhold, Prof. Twana Purdy
featuring: Amb. Shelby Oberbrunner, Sherwood Dach, Joseph Leuschke

What The Ancients Knew: The Egyptians

by: Marjorie Jast, Fredda Gottlieb, Paris Schmitt
featuring: Mckinley Robel

Heinz Emigholz: The Formative Years, Vol. 1: Schenec-Tady I-III / Arrowplane / Tide

by: Marjorie Jast, Mara Mueller
featuring: Adell Crona Esq.

Goju Ryu Karate Technical Series, Vol. 4

by: Marjorie Jast, Angela Muller, Isabella Skiles V
featuring: Lawerence Franecki, Miss Shawnta Schimmel, Mckinley Robel, Margart Greenfelder, Jared Wiza II

Gaudeamus: Sacred Feast (Audio-Only DVD)

by: Luciano Grimes, Fatimah Emard
featuring: Carlo Hahn, Deirdre Orn, Madaline Roberts JD

Cordero: Insula And Concertino Tropical: Guillermo Figueroa / I Solisti Di Zagreb

by: Marjorie Jast, Msgr. Tomas Nitzsche
featuring: Remedios Halvorson, Argelia Hirthe, Migdalia Walker, Stanley Leannon

West Of Cimarron / Matt Clark Railroad Detective Meets Crazy Horse

by: Marjorie Jast, Carter McLaughlin
featuring: Al Kling, Kathie Balistreri, Nathanael Weimann